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the fingers are he pride of the hand

[Senegalese Proverb]

The manicure is part of the job


this is what we as an agency have in mind

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refine the visual language

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a beautiful back...

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Es ist sagenhaft, was Hände alles können. Hier die perfekten Hände von Splendide Model Lilli K.




A hand model makes his hands available ..


..for advertising, occasionally also art. Hand models are used in advertising when advertisers want close-up photos of their product, for example.

Hand models ideally have almost flawless skin and perfect hands.



Female hand models


For female hand models, we pay attention to slender hands and fingers and long nail beds. We value smooth, hairless, flawless skin with minimal wrinkles and barely visible pores.

But there are also senior hand models, here the criteria are different depending on the requirements.



Male hand models


The requirements for male hand models vary depending on the assignment, such as a construction worker's hand or an employee's hand. Professional hand models avoid what photographers call "the claw," a stiff grip that novices often display on camera. Hand models are also used a lot in TV commercials and on Youtube. Many commercials feature hand models pouring sauce, playing the piano, or preparing meat. In addition to perfect hands, a feeling for timing plays an important role here. The fees for hand models are usually a bit lower because there is no recognition.



Our Parts Models





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Hand model video - Noah for TicTac


Body Part Models


Female and male parts models


Whether you are looking for a hand or foot model, a firm buttocks or a perfectly formed belly, a six-pack, voluminous hair, bald head or long legs - our female and male models convince with their exceptionally beautiful body parts.



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Looking for a bodypart or hand model?


Then send us your request with the most important information and requirements or get in touch contact us by phone. This is how we work together on your success.




You have beautiful, elegant hands?


You have expressive bodyparts, such as a full mouth, beautiful breasts,

a trained stomach and flawless Skin.

Then send us your application with meaningful pictures and your contact details

to apply as a hand model or body part. We're looking for you!



Always someone special


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