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Casting shows



In our agency we offer fashion designers and model labels the possibility to carry out castings and fittings.

Our premises offer enough space for the models to demonstrate their catwalk skills. There is also the possibility to do fittings.

You want to do a casting for a fashion show? We look forward to your call.



Advertising castings


We also cast for commercials, image films and film productions.


Live castings


Under the guidance of our casting director, we take them applicants. Here we attach great importance to the comparability of the results through identical conditions and instructions.

In addition to video equipment and a studio, we also have a fast internet connection, a small kitchen and a waiting room.




We are also happy to organize eCastings in which the models and actors produce their application material themselves based on an exact briefing


Let our casting team advise you on this.


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You can find more about our casting location here



Splendide - We have the most exciting models in town.




Cooperation partners


We are also happy to make our casting location available to our cooperation partners,
such as foreign agencies, photographers and film production companies, for exclusive castings of our models.




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