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Beautiful bodies are not everything. That is why we - and our customers, by the way - with hand models and bodyparts special value on mature model personalities.

Only through a real model consciousness becomes a beautiful hand a photo and film suitable bodypart as we understand it.

If you are looking for professional bodyparts, you have found with us right address. As a model agency with a focus on hand models, we provide bodyparts for all types of advertising. Thereby our model portfolio is constantly optimized. We scout and cast and draw from the huge supply of strong individualists in Berlin. No matter if fashion model, influencer or bodypart. We have the most exciting models in the city.




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Angela Thiemann, head of booking since 2003



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Splendide - we are working for more than 20 years as a parts model agency in Berlin. 
We are experienced in all kind of commercial advertising like photo campains, commercials, 
and editorials






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Amorelie, Bosch, Cartier, Christ, Coca Cola, Cornelsen Verlag, Cosmetic Crisp, Daimler Benz AG, Deichmann, Department 47 GmbH, Douglas, EDEKA, Febrese, Ferrero, H&V Entertainment, Hanro, Henkel, Josephinenhütte, Juwelier Krebber, Kaufland, Lenovo, Lidl, MyMuesli, Persol, Porsche AG, reBuy, Sargento Balanced Breaks, Tamaris, The Kraft Heinz Ketchup Company, Trivago, Vogue, Volkswagen AG, Wempe, X-Film international GmbH





Splendide International Models, your partner for exzellent parts models.



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