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between 185 and 189 cm




 Model ID 2021

 height 185cm size 48
 b/w/h 95 78 94



 Model ID 1897

 height 184cm size 48
 b/w/h 104 80 98



 Model ID 1910

 height 184cm size 48
 b/w/h 98 77 94



 Model ID 2005

 height 184cm size 48
 b/w/h 97 80 98



 Model ID 2218

 height 187cm size 48
 b/w/h 101 79 99



 Model ID 2457

 height 187cm size 52
 b/w/h 98 82 102



 Model ID 1847

 height 186cm size 48
 b/w/h 100 81 98



Splendide Dressmen for fashion photography and catwalk by Polaroids


Why choose a dressman with Polaroids?

Polas are authentic and honest and allow at first sight a good assessment of the model. Because our Polaroids are largely unedited. In particular, we value the proportions to be realistic.

Admittedly, at first glance, polaroids are a bit boring, but the more you study Polaroids the better you will become


Many professionals only make decisions based on Polaroids.

We have both to evaluate a model together.


Image photos show the potential, experience and charisma of the model, Polaroids describe it optimally.





Splendide Dressmen are excellent male models. You are presentational and expressive in fashion shoots , in fashion shows but also in hairshows .

Splendide Dressmen, strong in fashion photography whether catalog or lookbook. They are casual, cool and smart and thus predestined for Runway as a catwalk inserts.


Dressman - that's it:


Splendide Dressmen are from 182 cm to 189 cm tall and have a dress size of 48 to 52. With their strong presence in shoots and on the Runway they support photographers < / strong> and choreographers and present fashion in an optimal way. Fashion designers and fashion companies consciously rely on the sovereign charisma of a professional dressman. Splendide Dressmen are particularly interesting in lookbooks and other photo shoots but also for general advertising photography.



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Male Model Division of the Splendide Model Agency


For our Male Model Division we are always looking for classic models, the dressmen, dancers, actors, influencers and best agers models.

Male models are used significantly more for commercials and commercials because the range and range of variation in men's fashion is limited.   

Still, the classic dressman still has its raison d'être.



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