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Attempt to answer... (Part 1)


"Diversity - A visual affair?"



For some time now, the word "divers" has enjoyed increasing popularity in inquiries.But what exactly does it mean?

Divers means roughly "deviant" or "different".p>


The term often refers to the sex that distinguishes them from the male or female.

More precise terms here are genderqueer or non-binary or trans and cis, bigender and agender.

But also POC, i.e. People of Color or Mixed People are often or also call themselves divers.

Ultimately, heavily tattooed or simply expressive people, for example with strong curls or clothing fetish, also fall under this description.

So is diverse simply a synonym for variety?p> 

In the case of model inquiries, the meaning is usually derived from the context. Conclusion: Divers in advertising stands first and foremost for diverse in a visual sense.

But is diversity also a question of identity? - And what does that mean for the authenticity of advertising?

More about this in our next newsletter.




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